Rhododendron is a spiritual entity, created from a piece of Solidago, the Fall Goddess, known for having been bound to many mortals in the past, before finally managing to attain free-will, and create his own body. He has many of the same traits as a Solanian, but is not a true Solanian.


As Rhododendron is capable of shapeshifting, his appearance has varied. His early incarnations included snake-like spirits, and chimeric beasts. Currently, he takes a vaguely humanoid form, clad in blue armor.


As a piece of the Fall Goddess, he is capable of controlling animals, as well as manipulating the weather. He is also capable of possession, and has been known to "mind rape" individuals - overloading the minds of specific individuals until they cave in and go unconscious. As a serpent spirit worshipped by the Chameleon-Folk, he was known to bring disaster by destroying crops with sudden cold snaps. As a chimeric beast, he was known to turn pets against their owners by simply communicating to them telephatically, as well as cause various wild animals to run into city environments in a bloodlusted state. Under the control of The Cervine Queen, a lesser demigod; he was capable of minor predictions, but intentionally lied to her about the cause of her eventual death to escape being bound.