Suntsitzaile is a Fae General-King from the moon Trigemini, ruling over the nation of Mortu.

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Like all fae, he is a vaguely humanoid creature with six pairs of wings, and a rather enlarged cranium; as well as atrophied legs and elongated arms. His antennae are rather long, compared to most fae. In addition, his wings are translucent, with red eyespots on each end.

[As a nymph, he possessed four functional legs, and crawled along the forest floor, eating whatever he could find, including his siblings, and then pupated in the trees before climbing out as a fully functional adult. When Fae hatch from a pupa, their legs rapidly atrophy over the course of a few days, as their body absorbs enough manna from the environment to produce telekinetic properties to allow for them to float. As adults however, they stop aging entirely, and become intelligent.]


While Fae don't take that long to reach adulthood (3 earthly years), he was one of many Fae born from a farmer named Sorrezale. As a result of a drought at the time, he was born through parthenogenesis. Fae are very cannibalistic as nymphs, and he quickly ate all of his siblings, and eventually, his parent. After opening up to society, having taking his parent's place, as most Fae do, the nation of Mortu was thrown into political turmoil from outside influences. Several objects from the planet Edafos were headed towards the nation. Using this, he used it to overthrow the current government, and install himself. While most of Trigemini wanted the potential threat to be dealt with before it lands, Suntsitzaile wanted to send them back and wipe out Edafos for this action. He later captured the dream-eater rockets, and kept them stored on a vessel filled with refugees attempting to flee his country for an off-planet colony. The contents of the rockets, modified dream-eaters, multiplied, and destroyed everyone on the ship. Suntsitzaile later moved the ship on an orbit that would land it on Edafos within a year.


Suntsitzaile is a very powerful mage, and was described by The Grand Daydreamer to be the single greatest threat to Edafos in her predictions.

Like all Fae, he is biologically immortal, and he will not cave in because of age. As well as this, he is very adept with telekinetic abilities, and is said to have lifted an entire asteroid out of its orbit to wipe out a Fae Organoship containing refugees fleeing his country. He is also capable of telepathy, and can even shatter the minds of lesser deities, such as dragons. He has also been known to control the minds of animals, to turn them against undesirables.